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Nutrelle Extra is a multifibre beverage with complementary ingredients – spirulina, wheat grass, oat fibre, green tea extract & aloe vera. Contains prebiotics that promote the growth of good gut bacteria for the digestive system.

  • Nutrelle can affect *5 in 1* Among the contents in Nutrelle:

❤Multifiber Blend

❤Aloe Vera


❤Green Tea Extract

How does Nutrelle solve your problem ???

Multifiber Blend which consists of 5 blends of ingredients: 🤩

Plantago Ovata (Grain that will expand 20 × double) :- It is like a gel and acts like a sponge to wash the intestines from old feces (crust) that settle in the intestines ✅Benefits as a Laxative (Launching Defecation)

🤩 *Avena Sativa (Wild Oat) :-

  • Helps the process of bowel movements
  • controls cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Anti -Inflammatory Effect
🤩Spirulina Platensis (Blue-Green Algae) :-
Acts to Detox the Liver, Kidneys, and Blood as well as Detox Radiation and Chemicals *
Agropyron Cristatum (Wheatgrass) :-
Acts to Detox Heavy Metals, Chemicals and Toxins in the body
🤩 Pyrus Malus (Apple) :-
Acts to lower Bad Cholesterol and Relieve Digestive Problems
😱: Aloe Vera
✅Helps the process of Peristalsis (stimulates the intestinal muscles) to facilitate the movement of stool to come out
✅Acts to preserve the intestines and can lighten Intestinal Inflammation which is the cause of Intestinal Ulcers
😱Pre-Biotic :-
✅ Acts to restore the Intestine and promotes the reproduction of Good Bacteria (Pro-Biotic)

😱 *Green Tea Extract :-

✅ High Anti Oxidant that promotes the growth of new cells

✅ Contains Chlorophyll which is alkaline to Neutralize Toxins that are Acidic

✅ Lose weight for those with weight problems

🌟 Nutrelle Proven Effective for Treating Your Bowel Problems

🌟 🛑 Very fast effect, ie After 8-12 hours of taking Nutrelle you can already feel the EFFECT

How to Use 👇

Pour the Nutrelle Extra contents into a glass @ shaker

Add 180 ml of water (cold or at room temperature)

DISCLAIMER : This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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