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✔Burns Fat while you sleep!
✔Curbs your night appetite
✔Gives you better sleep + Deep sleep
✔Body detox out - next day

Try our new Night Fat Burner. First in Asia to produce a Night Fat Burner in liquid juice flavour! Burn extra calories while you sleep with our Trufitz Nite Duty.

✅ Burns Fat While you sleep it contains proven fat burning ingredients and metabolism boosters
✅ Suppresses your appetite, so you don’t wake up hungry - limits nightime food cravings
✅ Promotes better REM and deep sleep cycle through melatonin
âś… Helps to detox and improves bowel movement next day
âś… Increases fat absorption & breakdown fats in food
Helps flush out the toxins from the body
MELATONIN: Promotes better sleep
HOODIA: Works well to suppress appetite
LIPASE ENZYMES: Lipase potentially increase fat absorption & decrease feelings of fullness

ASHWAGANDHA ROOT: Reduce anxiety and stress, help fight depression

1  Sachet before dinner/sleep. 
*Drink plenty of water to ensure adequate hydration*


What is the difference Trufitz Double Shot and Trufitz Nite Duty?
Trufitz Double Shot - Burns fat throughout the day (main Fat Burner for weight loss)
Trufitz Nite - Burns fat while you sleep 
Which is more effective? What's your best weight loss product?
Our no.1 best seller is Trufitz Double Shot but we will always advice customer to try for at least 2 weeks, different body has different results. Some customer have seen better result with Trufitz Double Shot, some with other fat burners (trucaffe/trufitz nite duty)
 Is it safe for breastfeeding mummies?
YES! It is safe.

Can diabetes or high blood pressure consume this?
YES. It is all natural ingredients and we use stevia instead in this product.

Can i combine with Trufitz Double Shot/ Trucaffe or Trushakes?

Yes. But i would highly suggest if you choose only 2 fat burners in a day.
Fat burners: Trufitz Double Shot, Trucaffe and Trufitz Nite Duty
Meal Replacemenet: Trushakes

Example of a combo: âś…Trufitz Double Shot + Trufitz Nite Duty (2 fat burners) + Trushakes


âś…TruCaffe + Trufitz Nite Duty (2 Fat Burners) + TruShakes

wont advise to consume all 3 fat burners together like:
 ❌ Trufitz Double Shot + TruCaffe + Trufitz Nite Duty 

Can consume Trufitz Nite Duty in the morning?
Not recommended. Best to drink at night

Is there any side effects?
No. There is no side effects consuming Trufitz Nite Duty.

Will i gain back after stopping eating Trufitz?
There isn't any side effects when you stop consuming Trufitz. Try to still stick to a proper diet to maintain your body weight.
Any tips?
Drink lots of plain water, try to do light exercise and have your last meal before 8pm.
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